Kantorus is a large island in the north of the Atlantic Ocean. It is divided into 4 provinces. Bongoworld, Kalad, Baile and Kantania. The Empire, however, spans much further. Although it has lost many of its colonies, such as Snowania or Hisario, it still has a few, the largest being the Kantoron Colony. Kantorus also governs over a large collection of islands called the Overseas Territories, which are governed by the KOTA (Kantorus Overseas Territorial Assembly) which is a devolved government.


In Kalad the huge capital city of Kantoran City sprawls across the lush grasslands and wooded forests. Many small settlements are dotted around outside the towering walls.

In Kantania the vast industrial complexes of Kantore litter the harsh, arid desert and pollute the rich, blue sky with thick smog. People are confined into small, dense hostels and are sent out to work in the Government's factories, producing arms, vehicles and ships for the military.

In Baile the resident Irish population reside in beautiful farms and towns. The largest city, Greater Dublin, frolics in the wealth of this region's potato exports. Many large forests are located here, along with the majority of surviving Bongos, living in the shadow of towering oak and spiky hawthorn trees.

In Bongoworld, the desolate wastes to the north, there are few cities. This is due to the intense bombing campaign that Kantorus conducted against it's rival state. The cities that are left are massive and immensely populated. Bongoworld declared independence after Governor Chaka Bongo signed the partition in 1790, but recently after dozens of wars, Bongoworld has joined the Kantor Alliance.


The Government of Kantorus is a huge organisation, with 800 ministers in the House of Subjects and 400 barons in the House of Barons. There are 2 major parties in Kantorus, the Labour Party (Incumbent) and the Conservative Party. Many other smaller parties exist such as the Liberal Party, the Imperialist Party, the Green Party and the Communist Party. The leader of the Labour Party, James Corbyn, is the current Prime Minister since 2045. 

Important PeopleEdit

Lord Kantor III

James Corbyn, Prime Minister

Pasha Rouge, Minister of Finance

High General Alexander Cheese

High Admiral Smako Paco

High Wing Commodore Pollo Sanchez

General Augustus Higgins (KESF)

General Violet Winters

Brigadier General Imogen Obama 

Dr. Bob, Chief Scientist

Billy-Bob Peters, Minister of Defence

Important Cities Edit

Kantoran City - Capital City of the Empire

Kantore - Industrial City

Kalad'fah - Ancient ruined city

Kantoro - The Capital City of Kantor-12b

New Dublin


The Kantorus Army, Navy and Air Force are famed for being one of the largest and most advanced militaries in the world. The strength of the military as of 2060:

General Violet Winters

Brigadier General Imogen Obama

100,000,000 Kantorus Soldiers 

1,000,000,000 Kantorus Conscripts 

10,000 Kantorus Elite Special Forces 

50,000 K-21 Armoured APCS

25,000 K-23 Light Tanks

10,000 K-24 Heavy Tanks

500 K-28 Laser Tanks

10,000 Kantorus Guard

100 Kantorus Honour Guard

1000 K-31 Submarines

2500 K-34 Destroyers

500 K-36 Battleships

50 K-39 Aircraft Carriers

250,000 Kantorus bombers

300,000 Kantorus fighter planes

5 Orbital Space Stations

100 Orbital Defence Platforms

500 Kantorus Terra Guard Spaceships 


Detective Pablo Salvador

20,000 Police officers

5,000 Secret Police members

10,000 Police cars

200 Armoured Riot Vehicles


KTG-666 - Standard issue assault rifle

KTS-12 - .50cal sniper rifle

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